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We Take Your Communication To The Next Level


We Take Your Communication To The Next Level


We Take Your Communication To The Next Level


We Take Your Communication To The Next Level


We Take Your Communication To The Next Level

About Us

Located in the heart of midtown Manhattan, New York Trend Consulting – NYTC – is a consulting firm specialized in developing international executives in the area of business communication and executive education. Leading corporations from Italy, Spain, Panama and Brazil have come to us because they get the value of investing in key employees and developing their communication skills as a strategic tool to achieve impact around the world. NYTC works on a one-to-one basis to create high-impact and life long learning. Our executive coaching is designed to focus on building and mastering intercultural and business communication skills and is geared to those organizations who are committing to going more and more global. This model is an effective response to those professionals who are exposed to doing business through enhanced communication and who can foresee the importance and the advantage of going beyond learning just the English language itself. Our solutions comprise business, cultural and social communication experiences through the medium of business expeditions. NYTC clients participate with and interact with professionals and executives from museums, universities and companies, improving and sharpening their communication and building confidence and poise as they prepare at our hub for their executive education courses at major US business schools.

New York Trend Consulting

Upcoming NYC Events

Upcoming Events


    March 21 - March 24
  2. Major League Baseball Season

    April 3
  3. New York International Auto Show

    April 14 - April 24
  4. Museum Mile Festival

    June 10
  5. International Franchise Expo

    June 15 - June 18

NYTC is a global communications company that empowers foreign business executives to communicate confidently and effectively in any circumstance in the international marketplace.

A consulting firm in the field of international communication, we specialize in communication training for executive education, language, intercultural business, and global business adaptation as a whole.

Our office is strategically located in the heart of midtown Manhattan. Our executive coaching services occur anywhere from our midtown hub to a wide array of venues in New York City, including business schools and companies, and to some of the best university campuses throughout the United States

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